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TRAINING: Swinging Practice 2.0

There is no substitute for training off of a tee.  Professional players do it every day as should all serious baseball players. Here is a good, quick tee workout – don’t hit any windows!

  1. 10 Swings in Slow -Motion - hitting dead center up the middle
  2. 10 Normal Swings - again, goal is hitting straight back up the middle
  3. 10 Swings on a high tee - practice hands to the ball
  4. 10 Swings on a low tee - practice hands and up the middle
  5. 10 Swings on an outside pitch - hit all 10 to RF or right side of net
  6. 10 Swings on an inside pitch - hit all 10 to LF or left side of net
  7. 10 Normal swings - up the middle

by posted 04/03/2020

Online Workshop for Athletes

As you know, we partner with the Positive Coaching Alliance to bring training and resources to our coaches and families. The Coach and Parent workshops scheduled for March will be online later this month, but for now, an opportunity for our players: PCA is allowing student-athletes to take “Becoming a Triple-Impact Competitor” online for FREE through April 30th. This is geared for athletes ages 12+, so we encourage our Majors players to participate. Check it out here: Becoming a Triple-Impact Competitor FREE Online Course

by posted 04/03/2020

Training Exercises & An Interactive Challenge

We don’t have any breaking news to report about the resumption of play. But to stay engaged while we wait, we will suggest training activities and challenges over the next few weeks.

This week’s exercises require NO equipment: no tee, no net, not even a baseball.

STEP ONE: Review these two short videos: The 7 Steps to the Perfect Baseball Swing

Mike Trout Hitting Mechanics Slow Motion Baseball Swing - 10000fps LA Angels MLB home run 

STEP TWO: Even with no net or tee you can get hundreds of swing reps every day. These are the same whether you are in Tee Ball or Majors. You can do these with anything in your hands - tee shirt, used paper towel roll, pool noodle, etc. These are all best to do in front of a mirror.  


  1. Practice stepping into the box, sway back and forth, hands back - repeat 10x
  2. Step into box and set-up - knuckles aligned, hands back and ready, bat pointing up - repeat 10x
  3. Now take 10 swings in slow motion; 10 swings at 50% (half-speed); 10 swings 75%, then 10 swings at 100%
  4. Repeat 1-3 outside with actual bat and helmet


STEP THREE: Video your swing and compare it to Mike Trout’s! Post your video – or share your favorite hitting exercise without a net – on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/fckll.va/ 

by posted 03/27/2020

Schedule Update

We are following guidance from Little League International and Fairfax County – and of course CDC and other experts.

At this time, we are cancelling Opening Day on March 28. Our tentative start date for the season is Monday, May 11. This could shift forward or back, so please remain flexible.

We do not yet know what impact this will have on the regular season schedule, playoffs, or All Stars, but we are committed to updating you as soon as possible.

Please visit LLI’s site to learn more: https://www.littleleague.org/player-safety/coronavirus-update/

by posted 03/21/2020

Great Articles from our Pals at PCA

Our friends at the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) have put together some resources for how adults can help our kids stay upbeat during this difficult time.


Feel free to check out their daily blog posts at https://positivecoach.org/the-pca-blog/, as well as these excellent articles:


Dealing with Disappointment During Coronavirus Cancellations, Postponements

Coronavirus: A Real Teaching Moment for PCA Coaches

Using the Sports Shutdown to Recover the Joy of Sports

by posted 03/20/2020
Safety Information

Let's Be Safe Out There!

We look forward to having a fun, safe season! Please help us ensure the safety of all our participants and volunteers by downloading and the reviewing the 2019 FCKLL Safety Plan.

Coaches are encouraged to have this document with them during all FCKLL activities. Coaches also should check out these pages on our website for additional safety information.

In emergencies, call 911. 

An automatic external difibrilator is planned to be added at Westgate 2. 

All safety incidents must be reported to the Leage Safety Officer, Jeff Walker.

Use this   to notify Jeff of a safety incident.  

by Patrick Mirza posted 03/28/2019
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Leis Center East - Falls Church TBD (4/10) 
Leis Center West - Falls Church TBD (4/10) 
Westgate Batting Cages - McLean OPEN (4/10) 
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